Lesson Worksheet: Cycles of Matter: The Oxygen-Carbon Cycle Science • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and describing what happens in the oxygen-carbon cycle.


Which of the following groups of organisms is responsible for releasing the most oxygen into the atmosphere?

  • AProducers
  • BDecomposers
  • CConsumers


Which of these processes uses up oxygen?

  • ACombustion
  • BPhotosynthesis


Fill in the blank: Living things release carbon dioxide. Some processes, such as , also release carbon dioxide.

  • Aphotosynthesis
  • Bburning fossil fuels


Emma and Daniel are talking about the oxygen–carbon cycle. Who is correct?

  • AEmma
  • BDaniel


Why do we often group the oxygen and carbon cycles together?

  • ABecause these are the only two cycles of matter that exist
  • BBecause these two cycles depend on each other
  • CBecause oxygen and carbon dioxide are the only important gases in the atmosphere


Fill in the blank: , such as plants and the air, interact with each other within ecosystems. Through these interactions, matter is cycled.

  • ABiotic and abiotic factors
  • BAbiotic factors
  • CBiotic factors


Complete the following: The oxygen–carbon cycle is the process where oxygen gas and carbon dioxide gas .

  • Acirculate through the atmosphere
  • Bare taken in by living organisms
  • Care produced by consumers


Fill in the blanks: Carbon dioxide from the air is taken in by grass and the carbon is to make sugars. The carbon is transferred to animals like cows when they .

cows on meadow
  • Areleased, eat the grass
  • Bused, eat the grass
  • Creleased, get rid of waste
  • Dused, get rid of waste


Fill in the blanks: Sheep eat grass that contains carbon. This ends up in the gas released by the sheep when they breathe.

Sheeps in a meadow on green grass
  • Acarbon, carbon dioxide
  • Bcarbon, oxygen
  • Cgrass, carbon
  • Dgrass, oxygen


Fill in the blank: This tree branch is decaying. It is being broken down by that release the carbon stored in the branch as carbon dioxide gas.

Decomposing tree branch
  • Aconsumers
  • Bproducers
  • Cdecomposers

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