Lesson Worksheet: Multiplying Whole Numbers Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying multidigit numbers by one- and two-digit numbers.


A train traveled 27,786 meters from city A to city B. Then it went back to city A. What is the total distance the train traveled?


A company purchased a vehicle for 90,425 dollars. How much would the company pay if it purchases 6 vehicles of the same type?


A factory manufactures 67,698 bulbs every year. How many bulbs will be manufactured in 7 years?


82,317 people watched the World Cup semifinal, but double that number watched the final. Find the number of people who watched the final.


Find 34,211×4.


Calculate the following: 27894×3


The distance between two cities is 18,523 km. What distance would a car need to cover to make one round trip from one city to the other and then back again?


Use <, =, or > to fill in the blank: 88×1,00089,000500.

  • A<
  • B=
  • C>


Use <, =, or > to fill in the blank: 1,669×51,287×6.

  • A>
  • B<
  • C=


Calculate the following. 30221×2

This lesson includes 3 additional questions and 41 additional question variations for subscribers.

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