Lesson Worksheet: Units of Mass Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice converting between metric mass units.


True or False: 34>3280kgg.

  • AFalse
  • BTrue


Complete the following: 1000=gkg.


Complete the following: 1=kgg.


Abdullah’s weight is 50 kg. How many grams are in 50 kg?


Given that 1 kilogram equals 1‎ ‎000 grams, how many grams does 67 kilograms equal?


The bread that Hoor ate for lunch contained 9 grams of protein. How many milligrams of protein did the bread contain?


A recipe calls for 7‎ ‎000 milligrams of seasoning. How many grams of seasoning does the recipe call for?


Omar took his dog to the vet. The vet told him that the dog was 4 kilograms heavier than it was on its last visit. How many grams is this?


Khalid is checking in his luggage at the airport. If his bag is heavier than 24 kilograms, he has to pay an extra fee.

Complete the following sentence: Khalid must pay an extra fee if his bag is heavier than grams.


Convert 2 g to milligrams.

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