Lesson Worksheet: Dividing Numbers Using Bar Models Mathematics • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice drawing bar models and writing equations to represent one-step division problems with numbers up to 100.


David has 18 cookies. He can put 6 cookies on each plate.

Find the number of plates he needs by finishing the bar model.


Liam has 35 flowers arranged in 7 rows. How many flowers are in each row?


Calculate the following: 56÷8=.



There are 30 pieces of candy and 6 children in a birthday party. How many pieces of candy does each child get?


A group of students has 72 coins. Each student has 8 coins. Find the total number of students.


Three friends have 24 coins.

We can draw a bar model to show how many coins each one has.

How many coins does each one have?

Hint: 24÷3=.


Jennifer is reading a story of 80 pages. If she reads 10 pages in an hour, how many hours does she need to finish the story?


Pick the equation that matches this bar model.

  • A4÷32=8
  • B32÷4=7
  • C32÷4=8
  • D324=28
  • E4÷32=7


Olivia has 30 crayons and each box holds 5 crayons.

Find the number of boxes she will need for all the crayons by finishing the bar model.


There are 15 books.

5 books fit on one shelf.

How many shelves are needed?

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