Worksheet: Dividing Numbers Using Bar Models

In this worksheet, we will practice drawing bar models and writing equations to represent one-step division problems with numbers up to 100.


James has 18 cookies. He can put 6 cookies on each plate.

Find the number of plates he needs by finishing the bar model.


Ethan has 35 flowers arranged in 7 rows. How many flowers are in each row?


There are 30 pieces of candy and 6 children in a birthday party. How many pieces of candy does each child get?


A group of students has 72 coins. Each student has 8 coins. Find the total number of students.


Calculate the following: 56÷8=.



Three friends have 24 coins.

We can draw a bar model to show how many coins each one has.

How many coins does each one have? 24÷3=?


Pick the equation that matches this bar model.

  • A4÷32=8
  • B32÷4=7
  • C32÷4=8
  • D324=28
  • E4÷32=7


Charlotte is reading a story of 80 pages. If she reads 10 pages in an hour, how many hours does she need to finish the story?


Three friends have the same amount of money. All together, they have $12. Which bar model shows how much each one of them has?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Victoria has 30 crayons and each box holds 5 crayons.

Find the number of boxes she will need for all the crayons by finishing the bar model.


There are 15 books.

5 books fit on one shelf.

How many shelves are needed?


Ethan is packing his toys into boxes before he moves. He has 24 toys and he puts 6 toys in each box.

Write a number sentence that shows how many boxes there are.

  • A24×6=144
  • B246=18
  • C24+6=30
  • D24÷6=4


Elizabeth is making model birds. To make 4 birds, she uses 48 feathers.

How many feathers does she need for one bird?

How many feathers does she need to make 11 birds?


32 children need to split themselves into 8 groups to play a game.

Natalie drew this model to help them do that.

Which of the following equations matches the model?

  • A328=
  • B8×=32
  • C8×32=
  • D32+8=

How many children will be in each group?


James used 12 ounces of flour to make the dough for 3 pizzas. How many ounces of flour are needed to make 1 pizza?


A girl wants to share 45 oranges equally among 5 people. How many oranges will each person receive?


18 friends want to play volleyball. If they divide into teams of 6 people, how many teams will there be?

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