Lesson Worksheet: Kilogram Weights Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice measuring the mass of objects with 1-, 1/2-, and 1/4-kilogram weights, comparing masses, and investigating combinations of weights that equal 1 kilogram.


Use <, =, or > to fill in the blank: 112.kgkg

  • A>
  • B=
  • C<


Complete the following using <, >, or =: 112+14kgkgkg.

  • A=
  • B<
  • C>


Find 12+12kgkg.

  • A2 kg
  • B14 kg
  • C1 kg
  • D12 kg


What is the weight of this alarm clock?

  • A14 kg
  • B12 kg
  • C1 kg


Which is heavier, the bag of candy or the bag of chocolate?

  • AThe bag of candy
  • BThe bag of chocolate


Three apples weigh 14 kg.

What is the weight of 6 apples?

  • A14 kg
  • B12 kg
  • C1 kg


What is the weight of the tomatoes?


True or False: The box of lemons is heavier than the box of strawberries.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


James is adding two masses. He partitions them into kilograms and grams.

Add the kilograms. What is the sum?

Add the grams. What is the sum?

What is 2 kg and 120+4gkg and 250 g?

  • A4 kg and 250 g
  • B2 kg and 120 g
  • C6 kg and 370 g
  • D6 kg and 300 g


Ethan weighed 3,200 grams when he was born, and Isabella weighed 2 kilograms. What was their total weight, in kilograms and grams?

  • A5 kg 200 g
  • B5 kg 2 g
  • C3 kg 400 g
  • D3 kg 202 g

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