Worksheet: Kilogram Weights

In this worksheet, we will practice measuring the mass of objects with 1-, 1/2-, and 1/4-kilogram weights, comparing masses, and investigating combinations of weights that equal 1 kilogram.


Last year Charlotte weighed 107 kg. Now, she weighs 57 kg. How much weight did she lose?


A girl stood on a scale. She weighted 58 kg. Her and her cat weighted 61 kg. How much does her cat weigh?


Jacob weighs 54 kilograms and 800 grams. Matthew weighs 53 kilograms and 400 grams. What is the difference, in grams, between their weights?


Amelia went to the market to buy some oranges. Find the weight of the oranges she bought using the scale shown.


A jar of cookies has a mass of 800 g. The empty jar has a mass of 200 g. How much do the cookies weigh?


Find the weight of the potato, the beet, and the tomato altogether.

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