Lesson Worksheet: Reading Picture Graphs with Nonunit Scale Mathematics • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice reading a picture graph with a unit or nonunit scale and solving one- and two-step comparison, sum, and difference problems.


Read the graph to find the number of friends that ate more than 10 sundaes in a month.


Read the graph to find which person has eaten the fewest bananas over a two week period.

  • ACharlotte
  • BBenjamin
  • CJacob
  • DMason


The following graph shows the favorite sports of the students in a certain class.

Which sport do the students in the class like more?

  • ASoccer
  • BBasketball
  • CTennis
  • DNone
  • EBaseball


The following graph shows the birthday months of 16 children.

How many more children have their birthdays in May than in January?

  • A2 children
  • B3 children
  • C0 children
  • D7 children
  • E9 children


Read the graph to find the total number of children in a nursery.


The graph shows the number of ice cream glasses sold by an ice cream shop.

How many more ice cream glasses were sold on Friday than Monday?


Chloe recorded the number of emojis she used while talking to her friends in the following graph.

With whom did Chloe use the same number of emojis?

  • AMadison and Hannah
  • BHannah and James
  • CChloe and James
  • DMadison and Natalie

How many emojis did Chloe use with each of them?


Read the graph to find how many apples Jennifer ate over a month.


The graph shows the number of orange juice glasses served in a restaurant in a period of three days.

How many fewer orange juice glasses are served on Sunday than on Monday?


A group of children were surveyed about their favorite color. The results are given in the following table.

Number of Children38232017

Which of the following graphs corresponds to the survey results?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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