Lesson Worksheet: Multiplying by 12 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice modeling multiplication by 12 and reciting the times table of 12 up to 12×12.


Use the number line to find the result of 4×12.


Fill in the blank: 3×12=.


In the figure shown, each row is 12 more than the previous one.

Find the result of the following:

Find the result of the following:


If we know that 2×12=24, find 4×12.


If you know that 2×12=24, find 3×12.


Use the following diagram to find 12×3.


To calculate 2×12, Olivia counted up in 12s from 0 twice and got 24. Follow Olivia’s method of counting up in 12s to calculate 1×12.


There are 12 marbles in one group. Find the multiplication expression that could be used to find the number of marbles in 2 groups.

  • A10×2
  • B12×3
  • C12×12
  • D12×2

How many marbles are there in 2 groups?


Mason knows the answer to 2×10.

Tell him what number to add to 2×10 to get the answer to 2×12.

What is 2×12?


Find the missing numbers in this table.

  • A24, 84
  • B24, 72
  • C36, 84
  • D36, 72

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