Lesson Worksheet: Word Problems: Mass Mathematics • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice solving one- and two-step problems with metric units of mass working with whole number units and mixed measures.


A woman bought 6 bags of oranges, where each bag weighed 7 kilograms. How many kilograms of oranges did she buy?


Scarlett and Michael bought apples. If the apples that Scarlett bought weigh 1 kg and 250 g and the apples that Michael bought weigh 2 kg and 600 g, what is the total weight of the apples that they both bought?

  • A2 kg and 600 g
  • B1 kg and 350 g
  • C3 kg and 850 g
  • D1 kg and 250 g


Daniel’s bag contains candies and chocolates. If the candies he puts in the bag weigh 600 g, what is the weight of the chocolates in grams?


Jackson bought 3 kg and 650 g of flour and his friend bought 1 kg and 550 g of flour. Find the total weight of flour that they bought.

  • A5 kg and 200 g
  • B4 kg and 200 g
  • C2 kg and 200 g
  • D5 kg and 650 g


A bakery is baking bread. If the ingredients of one loaf of bread weigh 124 g, what is the total weight of the ingredients they will use to bake 2 loaves of bread?


Find the weight of the potato, the beet, and the tomato altogether.


Last year Jennifer weighed 107 kg. Now, she weighs 57 kg. How much weight did she lose?


Jackson weighs 54 kilograms and 800 grams. Matthew weighs 53 kilograms and 400 grams. What is the difference, in grams, between their weights?


A girl stood on a scale. She weighted 58 kg. Her and her cat weighted 61 kg. How much does her cat weigh?


David’s mother mixed 1 kg and 267 g of laundry detergent with 3 kg and 421 g of water.

How much more water than laundry detergent was in the mixture?

  • A3 kg and 421 g
  • B2 kg and 154 g
  • C4 kg and 688 g
  • D1 kg and 267 g

What was the total weight of the mixture?

  • A2 kg and 154 g
  • B3 kg and 421 g
  • C1 kg and 267 g
  • D4 kg and 688 g

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