Lesson Worksheet: The Engineering Design Process and Energy Science • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the engineering design process as it relates to solutions to energy use.


Fill in the blank: The city of Ashland hired an engineering firm to build wind turbines that could only be 150 feet tall. This requirement is an example of a .

  • Acriterion
  • Bconstraint
  • Cprototype
  • Dproblem


Fill in the blank: A civil engineering firm was working on designs to build a dam that created the most power. They built a small version of the dam and ran it through several tests to see how well it worked. This step in the engineering design process is .

  • Aidentifying the problem
  • Bdetermining constraints and criteria
  • Cevaluating and presenting data
  • Dtesting the model


Isabella and Noah are talking about the engineering design process. Which student is right?

  • AIsabella is right.
  • BNoah is right.
  • CBoth are right.
  • DNeither is right.


Fill in the blank: Sophia wanted to design a model boat that could sail 5 miles per hour. The speed of 5 miles per hour is an example of a .

  • Atest
  • Bconstraint
  • Ccriterion
  • Dprototype


The engineering design loop is shown below. Which step involves creating a prototype?

  • AIdentify the problem
  • BDetermine constraints and criteria
  • CMake a model
  • DEvaluate and present data

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