Worksheet: Estimating Products: Decimals by Whole Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice using rounding and compatible numbers to estimate the product of a decimal and a whole number.


Estimate 57×62.

  • A10
  • B50
  • C9
  • D45
  • E40


Estimate 7712×829.

  • A16
  • B56
  • C64
  • D72


Consider the product 872×0.082.

Estimate the product by rounding each number to its greatest place value.

Calculate the product.


Use your rounding skills to estimate 42×399.

  • A18,000
  • B20,000
  • C1,600
  • D16,000
  • E12,000

Use the standard algorithm to find the exact answer.

Hint: Use your estimate to check your answer.


We can estimate products by rounding each number to its greatest place value as in the example.

Use this method to estimate the following products.

Estimate 86×0.328.

Estimate 717×0.901.


Which of the following is closest to 5×103×60? Solve without using a calculator.

  • A3,000
  • B40,000
  • C300,000
  • D30,000


Noah estimates that 𝜋 is 9 and his friend Jacob estimates that it is 10. Whose estimate is more accurate?

  • AJacob
  • BNoah


77.49×10 to the nearest unit.


99.525×10 to the nearest tenth.

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