Worksheet: Displacement Reactions

In this worksheet, we will practice describing displacement reactions, exploring their relevance to the reactivity series.


When calcium reacts with cesium oxide, a displacement reaction occurs. What are the products of the reaction?

  • A Calcium + cesium oxide
  • B Calcium oxide + cesium oxide
  • C Calcium + cesium + oxygen
  • D Calcium hydroxide + cesium
  • E Calcium oxide + cesium


What type of reaction does a metal oxide undergo during a displacement reaction?

  • AReduction
  • BOxidation
  • CHydration
  • DCatalysis
  • EHydrolysis


Which type of reaction is characterized by replacement of an atom or group by another?

  • AAddition
  • BElimination
  • CSubstitution
  • DFree radical
  • EOxidation–reduction

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