Lesson Worksheet: Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting two mixed numbers with the same denominator by regrouping if needed using models, including tape diagrams and number lines.


Jacob walked 323 km, whereas James walked 213 km. How many more kilometers did Jacob walk than James?

  • A213
  • B113
  • C23
  • D123
  • E13


Which of the following is the model of the result of the difference between 657 and 217?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Find 315225.

  • A15
  • B45
  • C35
  • D135
  • E115


Look at how Maged calculates the difference between mixed numbers using the number line.

So, 314124=134.

Find the difference between 513 and 323 using the number line.

  • A113
  • B213
  • C223
  • D13
  • E123


Calculate 31585.

  • A335
  • B235
  • C135
  • D4910
  • E1710


Mona’s hair is 14 centimetres long, while Seif’s hair is 2012 centimetres long. What is the difference between the lengths of their hair?

  • A14 cm
  • B3212 cm
  • C2012 cm
  • D3412 cm
  • E612 cm


Evaluate 223113 using the number line.

  • A213
  • B323
  • C123
  • D113
  • E313


Calculate 323213.

  • A23
  • B13
  • C123
  • D113
  • E213


Sarah needs 479 metres of fabric to make a new dress. The fabric store has 949 metres of the fabric she wants. How much of that fabric will remain at the store after Sarah buys her fabric?

  • A1429 m
  • B213 m
  • C719 m
  • D423 m
  • E37 m


I put different amounts of water into these two jugs.

Find the difference between the amounts of water in the jugs in liters.

  • A135 L
  • B235 L
  • C35 L
  • D115 L
  • E15 L

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