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Worksheet: Electrolysis


What is the purpose of the salt bridge in a galvanic (voltaic) cell?

  • ATo provide a site for oxidative reduction
  • BTo provide free electrons for redox processes
  • CTo serve as a working electrode
  • DTo complete the electrochemical circuit
  • ETo serve as a reference electrode


Where does the reduction reaction occur?

  • AWithin the potentiometer
  • BAt the anode
  • CWithin the salt bridge
  • DAt the cathode
  • EWithin the bulk solution


Where does the oxidation reaction occur?

  • AWithin the salt bridge
  • BWithin the potentiometer
  • C At the cathode
  • DAt the anode
  • EWithin the bulk solution


An electrolytic cell is formed of many different components.

What name is given to the liquid component of the cell that conducts electricity?

  • A Cathode
  • B Anode
  • C Cell
  • D Electrolyte
  • EWiring

What name is given to a conductive material that moves charge either to or from the liquid in the cell?

  • A Electrode
  • B Cathode
  • C Anode
  • D Electrolyte
  • E Cell


Which of the following substances cannot be readily electrolyzed?

  • A L i C l ( ) a q
  • B B a B r ( ) 2 a q
  • C M g F ( ) 2 l
  • D N a C l ( ) s
  • E A l C l ( ) 3 l


Which of the following substances cannot be readily created using electrolysis?

  • A O ( ) 2 g
  • B N a ( ) s
  • C C l ( ) 2 g
  • D N e ( ) g
  • E A l ( ) s