Worksheet: Multiplying Three-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers: Adding Partial Products

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying three-digit numbers by one-digit numbers by calculating partial products and using expanded column multiplication.


Find the product.213×2


Use partial products to calculate 124×4.


Ethan is using partial products to help him multiply. Finish the calculation to find 431×2.


Sophia has 2 boxes. Each box contains 324 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy does Sophia have in total?


Use partial products to find 162×4.


What is the missing number in the following multiplication operation? 131×6600++6786


Complete the following operation with the missing numbers: 253×3600++9

  • A15, 624
  • B150, 624
  • C15, 795
  • D15, 619
  • E150, 759


Charlotte and Elizabeth are calculating the following multiplication problem 127×3.

Charlotte said that the result is 381, while Elizabeth said it is 370. Who solved the problem in the right way?

  • AElizabeth
  • BCharlotte


Find the missing number in the following equation: 136×7+210+42

What is the result of 136×7?


David used an area model to help him multiply 248 by 2.

Find the answer to 248×2 and show how to calculate the answer by adding partial products in columns.

  • A248×2800+40+16856
  • B248×2400+80+16486
  • C248×2400+80+16496
  • D248×2400+8+16424
  • E248×2800+40+16846

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