Worksheet: Inches

In this worksheet, we will practice using a ruler to measure objects in inches starting from zero.


Ethan needs two pieces of string that are 1012 and 12 inches long. Determine the total length of the two strings.

  • A2212 in
  • B2412 in
  • C12 in
  • D112 in
  • E1012 in


Chloe has 7 books. If each book is 4 inches thick, and she stacks the books on top of one another, how high is the stack?


Find the length of the given object.

  • A2 in
  • B11316 in
  • C11516 in
  • D134in
  • E178 in


A model of an electric car can travel 400 miles before it needs to be recharged. What kind of quantity is the range of this model of car?

  • Avelocity
  • Bdistance
  • Cdirection
  • Ddisplacement
  • Espeed


James bought a 256-feet-long power cable for his computer. If his computer is 5 feet away from the power socket, will this cable reach?

  • Ano
  • Byes


Find the length of the given object.

  • A678 in
  • B61316in
  • C634in
  • D61516 in
  • E7in


Find the length of the given object.

  • A158in
  • B11116in
  • C112in
  • D134in
  • E1916in


Find the length of the given object.

  • A214in
  • B238in
  • C2716in
  • D2516in
  • E212in


Measure the length of the blue line.

  • A214 in
  • B234 in
  • C414 in
  • D314 in


Charlotte’s hair is 14 inches long, while Daniel’s hair is 2012 inches long. What is the difference between the lengths of their hair?

  • A14 in
  • B3212 in
  • C2012 in
  • D3412 in
  • E612 in


Matthew and Jennifer measure the toothbrush as shown. Matthew says that the toothbrush measures between 61316 in and 61516 in. Jennifer says that it measures between 634 in and 61316 in. Whose statement about the toothbrush’s measure is correct?

  • AJennifer
  • BMatthew


Ethan and Hannah measure the key as shown. Ethan says that the key measures between 178 in and 11516 in. Hannah says that it measures between 134 in and 178 in. Whose statement about the key’s measure is correct?

  • AEthan
  • BHannah

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