Lesson Worksheet: Multiplying a Three-Digit Number by a Two-Digit Number Mathematics • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying a three-digit number by a two-digit number.


Calculate 347×76.


Fill in the missing number.

Complete the calculation.


Write the missing digit to complete the standard algorithm.


Fill in the missing digit.


How should we start the standard algorithm when calculating 549×13?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

Find this product.


Amelia used an area model to work out how many potatoes she could grow from 78 sacks. Each sack contained 596 plants.

Amelia says she will grow 41,880 altogether.

Her answer is incorrect. Why?

  • AAmelia has added up incorrectly.
  • BAmelia has multiplied the second row by digit value rather than column value of each number.
  • CAmelia has forgotten to add the result of multiplying the last column.
  • DAmelia has forgotten to multiply the second row by any number.
  • EAmelia has multiplied incorrectly in the last column.


The cost of one meter of fabric is 45 LE. How much do 626 meters cost?


Is 165×44<, = or >691×49?

  • A<
  • B=
  • C>


Madison is buying a new car. She has two options to choose from:

  1. She can make one large payment of $42,523.
  2. She can make monthly payments of $903 every month for 48 months.

Which option is cheaper?

  • AB
  • BA

How much cheaper is it?


An engineer works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. If he gets paid 25 LE per hour, how much will he get paid in 10 weeks?


Calculate 174×78.


Calculate 269×94.


Calculate 524×95.


Calculate 385×65.


Calculate 761×58.


Calculate 385×13.


Calculate 848×27.


Calculate 162×85.


Calculate 273×83.


The Tour de France is a cycling race through France that lasts 21 days. If a cyclist averages 104 miles per day, about how far does he travel?


Michael wants to solve the multiplication problem 212×24.

Fill in the blanks: He can add the product of 212 and to the product of 212 and to get .

  • A20, 4, 5,088
  • B212, 20, 5,088
  • C212, 2, 1,272
  • D212, 20, 12,720
  • E212, 2, 5,088


Mason multiplies a three-digit number by a two-digit number. What is the greatest possible result he could get?


Look carefully at the partial products in this multiplication problem: 539×5210782695028028

Which of the partial products are correct?

  • ANeither 1,078 nor 26,950
  • BOnly 26,950
  • CBoth 1,078 and 26,950
  • DOnly 1,078


Look carefully at the partial products in this multiplication problem: 378×6311142268023794

Which of the partial products are correct?

  • ANeither 1,114 nor 22,680
  • BOnly 22,680
  • COnly 1,114
  • DBoth 1,114 and 22,680


Benjamin and Natalie want to multiply 554 by 15.

They use three steps to try to find the answer:

  • First, Benjamin multiplies 554 by 10.
  • Next, Natalie finds half of Benjamin’s result.
  • Finally, Benjamin adds the number he got to the number Natalie got.

Fill in the blanks:

Using this method, the students get a final result of . This is answer to 554×15.

  • A8,310, an incorrect
  • B5,540, an incorrect
  • C5,540, the correct
  • D8,310, the correct
  • E2,770, an incorrect

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