Worksheet: Types of Work

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the mechanisms of pressure–volume and mechanical work in chemical and physical processes.


Consider a gas for which the equation of state 𝑃(𝑉=𝑏)=𝑅𝑇 (with 𝑏=0.04/dmmol) can be used to describe its 𝑃𝑉𝑇 behavior. Suppose a 2 mol sample of this gas is compressed isothermally and reversibly from an initial volume of 10 dm3 to a final volume of 1 dm3. How much work (𝑤) is done on the gas sample in this compression process, and how much is the internal energy (𝑈) of the gas changed?

  • A𝑤=11.7kJ, Δ𝑈=11.7kJ
  • B𝑤=5.85kJ, Δ𝑈=0
  • C𝑤=11.9kJ, Δ𝑈=0
  • D𝑤=5.85kJ, Δ𝑈=5.85kJ

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