Lesson Worksheet: Unit Rate Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice finding a unit rate and using it to solve problems in the real world.


Which of these is the correct definition for the rate?

  • AThe rate is the ratio between two quantities with different units.
  • BThe rate is the ratio between two quantities with the same unit.


Determine the unit rate for the following situation: Jacob earns $360 in 40 hours.


A student uses 42 sheets of cardboard to make 3 equal-sized cubes. How many sheets do they use for each cube?


Given that a factory produces 7,500 cans of juice in 5 hours, what is its average rate of production in cans per hour?


If Mia drinks 35 glasses of juice per week, then how many glasses of juice per day would that be, on average?


Given that a water tap leaks 36 liters of water in 5 hours, find the leakage rate per minute.

  • A325 L/min
  • B813 L/min
  • C180 L/min
  • D715 L/min
  • E536 L/min


Michael drove 244 km in 4 hours. Giving your answer correct to one decimal place, what is his average speed in km/h?


If a runner ran 13 miles in 2 hours at a constant rate, how many miles did she run per hour?


A car uses 10 liters of fuel to travel 50 km. What is the car’s fuel consumption rate in liters per kilometer?


The parking fees of a parking lot are $5 for 25 hours and $10 for 50 hours. Determine, to the nearest cent, the cost per hour.


A car consumes 33 liters of gasoline to travel 858 km. How many liters will it consume at the same rate in traveling 1,300 km?


Noah was offered $4,035 annually for a lifeguard job on weekends. Determine his monthly rate of pay.


Express the following ratio as a unit rate, rounding to the nearest hundredth: 10 batteries in 6 months.


Determine the unit rate for a group of 990 people who went to the park between the hours of 9:00 and 11:00 am.


Elizabeth traveled 1,632 miles in 4 days. Determine the unit rate that represents the average miles she traveled per day during her trip.


Express, to the nearest hundredth, the following ratio as a unit rate: 1,210 gallons in 20 days.


Which of the following rates can be classified as a unit rate?

  • A$42 for 6 cards
  • B30 pages in 45 minutes
  • C$3.80 for 1 gallon of water
  • D$2.40 for 4 oranges
  • E90 miles per 30 hours


A family spends 560 LE in 2 days. If they spend the same amount each day, how much would they spend in 1 day?


True or False: A unit rate compares a certain quantity to one unit of another quantity.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Elizabeth is going on vacation. She has asked a friend to look after her cat during her absence, so she needs to buy cat food in advance. She has noticed that a 3-kilogram pack of food lasts about 2 months (60 days). How much does the cat eat per day?


A photographer charges $180 an hour. How much do they charge per minute?

  • A$3 per minute
  • B$2 per minute
  • C$7.50 per minute
  • D$4 per minute
  • E$6 per minute


A piece of 3 cm3 of wood weighs 2.4 g. Given that the mass of a piece of wood is proportional to its volume, what is the unit rate of this proportional relationship (i.e., the density of the wood)?

  • A8 g/cm3
  • B7.2 g/cm3
  • C0.8 g/cm3
  • D0.2 g/cm3
  • E1.25 g/cm3

Choose, from the following, three points of the graph of the mass of a piece of this type of wood against its volume.

  • A(0,0),(1,8),(3,24)
  • B(0,0),(1,7.2),(3,21.6)
  • C(0,0),(0.8,1),(2.4,3)
  • D(0,0),(1,0.2),(3,0.6)
  • E(0,0),(1,0.8),(3,2.4)


If four cups of coffee cost $10.80, how much of a cup of coffee could you buy with one dollar?

  • A1027 of a cup per dollar
  • B554 of a cup per dollar
  • C2710 cups per dollar
  • D545 of a cup per dollar
  • E1017 of a cup per dollar


Daniel buys 6 apples for $0.82. What is the cost of one apple?


A tunnel boring machine can excavate about 75 feet every 24 hours. Which expression represents its rate in feet per hour?

  • A75×24
  • B75÷24
  • C75÷2
  • D24÷75
  • E75×2

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