Worksheet: Unit Rate

In this worksheet, we will practice finding a unit rate and using it to solve problems in the real world.


Runner A travels 75 meters in 13 seconds. Runner B travels 88 meters in 0.4 minutes. Which runner is faster?

  • ARunner A
  • BRunner B


Which of these is the correct definition for the rate?

  • AThe rate is the ratio between two quantities with different units.
  • BThe rate is the ratio between two quantities with the same unit.


Determine the unit rate for the following situation: William earns $360 in 40 hours.


A student uses 42 sheets of card to make 3 equal-sized cubes. How many sheets do they use for each cube?


Given that a factory produces 7,500 cans of juice in 5 hours, what is its average rate of production in cans/hour?


Machine A produces 129 m of cloth in 3 hours. Machine B produces 121 m of the same cloth in 5 and a half hours. Which machine has the faster production rate?

  • AMachine A
  • BMachine B


Factory A produces 3,000 bars of soap in 712 hours. Factory B produces 5,500 similar bars of soap in 212 hours. Which factory produces more bars of soap per hour?

  • AFactory B
  • BFactory A


If Amelia drinks 35 glasses of juice per week, then how many glasses of juice per day would that be, on average?


Given that a water tap leaks 7‎ ‎800 litres of water in 5 hours, find the leakage rate per minute.


Michael drove 244 km in 4 hours. Giving your answer correct to one decimal place, what is his average speed in km/h?


If a runner ran 13 miles in 2 hours at a constant rate, how many miles did she run per hour?


A car uses 10 liters of fuel to travel 50 km. What is the car’s fuel consumption rate in liters per kilometer?


The parking fees of a parking lot are $5 for 25 hours and $10 for 50 hours. Determine, to the nearest cent, the cost per hour.


A ship uses 512 liters of fuel to travel 18 km. Another ship uses 855 liters of the same fuel to travel 40 km. Which ship consumes less fuel per km?

  • Athe second ship
  • Bthe first ship


Given that a tractor plows 200 acres in 20 hours, calculate the number of acres it would plow in 2 hours at the same rate.


A car consumes 33 liters of gasoline to travel 858 km. How many liters will it consume at the same rate in traveling 1,300 km?


William drives 233 km in 6 hours. Giving your answer correct to two decimal places, at this rate, how long would it take him to drive 398 km?


Anthony was offered $4,035 annually for a lifeguard job on weekends. Determine his monthly rate of pay.


Express the following ratio as a unit rate, rounding to the nearest hundredth: 10 batteries in 6 months.


Determine the unit rate for a group of 990 people who went to the park between the hours of 9:00 and 11:00 am.


Jennifer traveled 1,632 miles in 4 days. Determine the unit rate that represents the average miles she traveled per day during her trip.


Express, to the nearest hundredth, the following ratio as a unit rate: 1,210 gallons in 20 days.


Which of the following rates can be classified as a unit rate?

  • A$42 for 6 cards
  • B30 pages in 45 minutes
  • C$3.80 for 1 gallon of water
  • D$2.40 for 4 oranges
  • E90 miles per 30 hours


A family spends 560 LE in 2 days. If they spend the same amount each day, how much would they spend in 1 day?


The grocery store sells a dozen doughnuts for $5.52. How much does one doughnut cost?

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