Lesson Worksheet: Benefits of Philosophical Thinking Philosophy

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing the benefits of philosophical thinking.


Which of the following best describes philosophy?

  • APhilosophy emphasizes respect for tradition.
  • BPhilosophy teaches us how to obey the powerful.
  • CPhilosophy teaches us to accept the fact that nothing really matters.
  • DPhilosophy encourages critical thinking.
  • EPhilosophy encourages us to shatter social norms.


What is the Socratic method?

  • ADefending one’s own beliefs using arguments and evidence
  • BAsking questions in order to help someone understand their own beliefs
  • CLeading by example
  • DUsing obscure parables to keep the uninitiated from understanding
  • EDisproving someone’s beliefs using arguments and reason


Which of the following quotes are from Socrates?

  • A“To err is human.”
  • B“Silence is golden.”
  • C“Nobody does wrong knowingly.”
  • D“Knowledge is power.”
  • E“I think; therefore, I am.”


Complete this famous paraphrase of Socrates: “Virtue is knowledge; .

  • Avirtue is kindness
  • Bvirtue is impossible
  • Cvice is ignorance
  • Dbut vice is more fun
  • Evice is wisdom


What does the trial and execution of Socrates tell us about philosophical challenges to the existing social order?

  • AThey are harmful and even violent.
  • BThey cause pointless suffering.
  • CThey always work out alright in the long run.
  • DThey are sometimes violently resisted.
  • EThey immediately solve the problems they are meant to solve.


How was Socrates persecuted?

  • AHe was exiled.
  • BHe was forced to have conversations with boring people.
  • CHe was forced to recant his beliefs.
  • DHe was forced to retire.
  • EHe was put on trial and sentenced to die.


Why have Socrates and other philosophers been persecuted?

  • ABecause philosophers ask questions that are annoying
  • BBecause philosophers think they are smarter than everyone else
  • CBecause philosophers ask questions that challenge the status quo
  • DBecause philosophers get caught up in the dangerous world of politics
  • EBecause the way philosophers live is a threat to public decency


True or False: Philosophy can help individuals shape their own views about life and adopt certain values, goals, and behaviors.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


What best describes the attitude of philosophers toward social and political problems?

  • APhilosophers use philosophy to improve the situation.
  • BPhilosophers always defend the status quo.
  • CPhilosophers recognize that philosophy is only possible if they stay out of political disputes.
  • DPhilosophers try to make things worse in order to have interesting situations to philosophize about.
  • EPhilosophers are not concerned with concrete social problems, only the detached contemplation of the world.


How can philosophy improve society?

  • ABy supporting harmful aspects of the social order against valid criticisms
  • BBy making rational arguments against harmful aspects of the social order
  • CBy undermining efforts to reform harmful aspects of the social order

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