Lesson Worksheet: Estimating the Products of Two-Digit Numbers: Rounding Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice estimating the product of two positive two-digit numbers by rounding to the nearest ten.


Which of the following is closest to 11×21?

  • A2,000
  • B20
  • C200
  • D20,000


Which of the following is the estimate for 24×78 when the two numbers are rounded to the nearest 10?

  • A1,600
  • B2,400
  • C2,700
  • D16,000


Which product gives an estimate of 1,800 when the two multiplied numbers are rounded to the nearest 10?

  • A22×88
  • B220×880
  • C25×88
  • D22×84


A teacher asked to estimate the product of 25×72. Jackson found 2,100, whereas Amelia found 1,400. Estimate the product yourself and decide which student is correct.

  • AJackson
  • BAmelia


Daniel earns £93 a day. Work out an estimate for how much he earns in 18 days.


Estimate the product of 57×77 by rounding to the nearest 10.


Jacob needed to find the result of 77×88. He used rounding to estimate the product and got 7,200. Was Jacob correct?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Fill in the blank: The expression 65×73 can be rounded to , and we get 4,900.

  • A60×80
  • B65×73
  • C70×70
  • D65×70
  • E70×73


Madison wants to estimate the product of 22 and 52. Help her find the estimated product by rounding each number to the nearest 10.


James estimates the result of 21×42 to be 1,500. State whether his estimation is reasonable or not.

  • AReasonable
  • BNot reasonable

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