Worksheet: Applications on Geometric Sequences

In this worksheet, we will practice solving real-world applications of geometric sequences, where we will find the common ratio, the nth term explicit formula, and the order and value of a specific sequence term.


After falling, a rubber ball bounces back to 1 4 of its previous height. Given that the ball fell from a height of 653 cm above the ground, find, to the nearest integer, the height it would reach after its second bounce.


The population of a city is now 844,501 and increases at a constant rate of 1 2 % per year. Find the population after 8 years giving the answer to the nearest integer.


The monthly salary of an employee this year is 2,100 LE. Find his salary after 8 years given he received a 3 % raise every year, giving the answer to the nearest pound.


The value of a brand-new car which cost 498,300 LE decreases at a rate of 1 5 % every year. Find the price of the car after 8 years giving the answer to the nearest pound.


On the first day, 42 liters of water are poured into a tank. Every day thereafter, three times as much water is poured into the tank as was poured on the previous day. On which day are 1,134 liters poured into the tank?

  • A day 4
  • B day 5
  • C day 27
  • D day 6
  • E day 3


A pendulum travels a distance of 3 feet on its first swing. On each successive swing, it travels 3 4 the distance of the previous swing. What is the total distance the pendulum has traveled when it stops swinging?

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