Worksheet: Bar Models: Numbers up to 10,000

In this worksheet, we will practice solving one-step addition and subtraction problems by modeling them with either part–whole or comparative bar models and writing equations.


2,994 children visited the book fair last week, and 6,846 children visited the fair this week. Find the total number of children who visited the fair.


1,967 tourists visited the History Museum in the first week and 6,578 tourists visited in the second week. How many visitors were there in those two weeks?


A field has 3,977 mango trees and 3,157 orange trees. How many trees are there in total?


One school vaccinated 2,003 students and another school vaccinated 3,257 students. How many students were vaccinated?


A farmer bought 4,523 sheep and 4,024 cows. How many animals did the farmer buy in total?

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