Worksheet: Making 100 with Tens

In this worksheet, we will practice decomposing 100 into multiples of ten and model the decomposition with ten frames or base ten blocks as well as equations.


Fill in the blank: +80=100.


Fill in the missing number.


Complete: If you know that 7+3=10, then 70+=100.


What number is missing to make 100?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


What bond does the figure show?

  • A50+50
  • B30+70
  • C20+80
  • D60+40

What is the result?


Victoria has 10 ten frames filled with counters. There are 100 counters in total.

1 ten frame has blue counters and 9 ten frames have pink counters, so 1+9=10.

10 counters are blue and the rest are pink, so 10+=100.

What number is missing?

Find another way to make 100. 50+=100


Use the models to find the missing numbers.




Noah and David are looking for ways to make 100.

What number is missing? 6+4=1060+40=

Find another way to make 100.

What number is missing? 3+7=1030+=100


The following figure shows 100 squares.

How many squares have dots inside?

How many squares are empty?

Complete: 40 squares plus 60 squares makes squares.


Three students are thinking about ways to make 10 and 100.

Fill in the blanks to find another way to make these numbers.

6 and make 10.

6 tens and make 10 tens.

  • A40 tens
  • B6 tens
  • C4 tens

60 and make 100.


William has 100 counters, as shown.

There are 50 orange counters and 50 red counters, which can be represented as 50+50.

He changed 20 red counters to orange counters.

How can we represent this?

  • A60+40
  • B70+30
  • C80+20
  • D50+50

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