Worksheet: Unit Conversions

In this worksheet, we will practice converting between different units that are commonly used to express physical quantities.


Soccer fields vary in size. A large soccer field is 115 m long and 85.0 m wide. What is its area in square feet? (Assume that 1=3.281mft.)

  • A1.31×10 ft2
  • B3.21×10 ft2
  • C1.50×10 ft2
  • D1.05×10 ft2
  • E1.50×10 ft2


If your heart rate is 150 beats per minute during strenuous exercise, what is the time per beat in seconds?


A complete rotation in a circle causes the rotator to face in the same direction after the rotation as before it. The angle rotated through is 2𝜋 radians, which equals 360. How many radians is 1.0 equal to?


Mount Everest, at 29,028 ft, is the tallest mountain on Earth. What is its height in kilometers? (Assume that 1=3.281mft.)


Gold is sold by the troy ounce. A troy ounce equals 31.103 g. What is the volume of 1 troy ounce of pure gold? Use a value of 1.934×10 kg/m3 for the density of pure gold.


1 fluid ounce is equal to approximately 30 mL. A can of soda pop has a volume of 12 fl oz. What is the volume of a can of soda pop in cubic meters?

  • A0.36×10 m3
  • B3.6×10 m3
  • C0.36 m3
  • D2.5×10 m3
  • E2.5×10 m3


The speed limit on some interstate highways is roughly 100 km/h.

What is this in meters per second?

How many miles per hour is this?

Hint: 1=1.6milekm.


A commonly used unit of mass in the English system is the pound-mass, abbreviated lb, where 1=0.454lbkg. What is the density of water in pound-mass per cubic foot?


Density of water = 1,000 kg/m3.


Light travels at a speed of 3×10 m/s. A light-second is the distance light travels in 1 second. If the Sun is 1.5×10 m from Earth, how far away is it in light-seconds?


If the average of a person is to have 80 heartbeats per minute, how many heartbeats does a person have in a year on average?


A car is traveling at a speed of 42 m/s. What is its speed in kilometers per hour?


What is the height in meters of a person who is 6.00 ft2.00 in tall?


The speed of sound is measured to be 338 m/s on a particular day. What is this speed in km/h?


An electron has a mass of 9.11×10 kg. An alpha particle has a mass of 6.64×10 kg.

What is the mass of an alpha particle in electron masses?


N2 gas has a molar mass of 28.0 g/mol, and CO2 gas has a molar mass of 44.0 g/mol.

How many moles are in 0.0500 g of N2 gas?

  • A2.15×10
  • B1.97×10
  • C1.51×10
  • D1.79×10
  • E2.50×10

How many moles are in 10.0 g of CO2 gas?

How many molecules are in 0.0500 g of N2 gas?

  • A1.08×10
  • B0.992×10
  • C1.05×10
  • D1.03×10
  • E0.999×10

How many molecules are in 10.0 g of CO2 gas?

  • A1.55×10
  • B1.31×10
  • C1.50×10
  • D1.42×10
  • E1.37×10


A light-nanosecond is the distance that light travels in a vacuum in exactly 1 ns. How many light-nanoseconds equal 1 foot if a foot is equal to 0.3048 m? Use 3.00×10 m/s for the speed of light in a vacuum.

  • A3.33×10 light-nanoseconds
  • B1.02 light-nanoseconds
  • C0.98 light-nanoseconds
  • D3.00×10 light-nanoseconds
  • E9.14×10 light-nanoseconds


Football is played on a field of length 115 yards. How long is the field in meters? Assume that 1=3.281mft and 1=3ydft.


Restate 4.79×10 kg using a metric prefix such that the resulting number is greater than one but less than one thousand.


Light travels 9 Pm per year. Calculate the speed of light in meters per second. Use a value of 3×10 s for the duration of a year.

  • A3×10 m/s
  • B1×10 m/s
  • C3×10 m/s
  • D8×10 m/s
  • E3×10 m/s


If 1=0.2247Nlbf, how many newtons of force is equivalent to 1 lbf?


What is 1.0 m/s in kilometers per hour?


What Kelvin temperature is equivalent to 32 degrees Fahrenheit? Answer to three significant figure precision.


A man has a mass of 85.2 kg. State this mass in lb to three significant figure precision.


How many nm is 100 angstroms equivalent to?


What is the possible drift of a clock that is accurate to within one second per year?

  • A10
  • B10
  • C10
  • D10
  • E10

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