Worksheet: Atomic Models

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the historical development of atomic models and the rationales, strengths, and limitations of each model.


Which theory of the atom came first: Rutherford’s nuclear model, Bohr’s orbital model, Dalton’s hard sphere model, or Thomson’s plum pudding model?

  • ABohr’s orbital model
  • BRutherford’s nuclear model
  • CThomson’s plum pudding model
  • DDalton’s hard sphere model


In the Geiger-Marsden experiments supervised by Ernest Rutherford (known as the Rutherford gold foil experiment), which type of particle was scattered by gold foil, proving that atoms contain dense nuclei?

  • A 𝛽 particles
  • B 𝛽 particles
  • CNeutrons
  • D 𝛼 particles
  • EGamma rays


What step forward from Bohr’s orbital model of the atom was made by Schrödinger in his electron cloud model?

  • AElectrons are moving within a positively charged sphere.
  • BElectrons occupy shells with fixed radii.
  • CThe nucleus contains particles with mass but no charge.
  • DElectrons are spread out over space.
  • EThe nucleus contains particles with mass and positive charge.

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