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Worksheet: Atomic Models


Which theory of the atom came first: Rutherford’s nuclear model, Bohr’s orbital model, Dalton’s hard sphere model, or Thomson’s plum pudding model?

  • ABohr’s orbital model
  • BRutherford’s nuclear model
  • CThomson’s plum pudding model
  • DDalton’s hard sphere model


In the experiment designed by Ernest Rutherford, which type of particle was scattered by gold foil, proving that atoms contain dense nuclei?

  • A 𝛽 particles
  • B 𝛽 + particles
  • CNeutrons
  • D 𝛼 particles
  • EGamma rays


What step forward from Bohr’s orbital model of the atom was made by Schrödinger in his electron cloud model?

  • AElectrons are moving within a positively charged sphere.
  • BElectrons occupy shells with fixed radii.
  • CThe nucleus contains particles with mass but no charge.
  • DElectrons are spread out over space.
  • EThe nucleus contains particles with mass and positive charge.