Worksheet: Making Teen Numbers with Tens and Ones

In this worksheet, we will practice decomposing the numbers 11–19 into a ten and some ones.


Sophia used base ten blocks to make a number.

How many ones are there?

What is the number?


Twelve is composed of 1 ten and ones.


Decompose this number to complete the number bond.


Candy canes are sold in packs of 10 and as single candy canes.

Charlotte needs 14 for her party.

How many packs and singles does she need to buy from the store?

  • A1 pack of ten and 4 singles
  • B10 packs of ten and 4 singles
  • C4 packs of ten and 1 single


Complete the equation using the ten frame.


Daniel needs to buy 17 oranges.

Pick one way to buy 17 oranges.

  • A