Lesson Worksheet: Parallel Connection Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying parallel circuits, explaining the benefits of using parallel circuits in our homes, and comparing series circuits to parallel circuits.


Decorative lamps used for celebrations such as weddings are usually connected in parallel.

Muslim wedding dress-edited

Fill in the blank: This is useful because if one bulb burns out, the other bulbs .

  • Abecome dimmer
  • Bburn out
  • Cbecome brighter
  • Dstay lit


This picture shows two lamps connected in a parallel circuit.

Select the other example of a parallel circuit.

  • A
  • B
  • C


Fill in the blank: Lamps in our homes and businesses are connected in with the main source of electricity.

  • Aparallel
  • Bseries
  • Cparallel and series


Matthew has three lamps. What type of circuit should he connect them in to get the highest light intensity from each lamp?

  • ASeries or parallel
  • BParallel
  • CSeries


Jennifer builds a parallel circuit.

Fill in the blank: When Jennifer adds another lamp to the circuit, the brightness of lamp X .

  • Adecreases
  • Bstays the same
  • Cincreases


Which of the following statements is not true about parallel circuits?

  • AThere is only one route for the electric current.
  • BIt is used in connecting devices at home.
  • CThere is more than one route for the electric current.
  • DThe light intensity of the lamps remains as it is.


Which of the following is an advantage of parallel circuits?

  • ALight intensity decreases by increasing the number of lamps.
  • BThere is one route for electric current to pass through.
  • CWhen a lamp burns out, the other lamps will not be affected.


Some students constructed an electric circuit as shown in the figure and wrote the following statement about it:

“This electric circuit is a parallel connection. All the bulbs have the same intensity of light, and the intensity of light is not affected by increasing the number of bulbs.”

What is incorrect about the statement?

  • AThe intensity of light in the bulbs is affected in parallel circuits.
  • BThe figure represents a series circuit, not a parallel circuit.
  • CThe bulbs have different light intensities, not the same intensity of light.

What is a fact about parallel circuits?

  • AIn a parallel circuit, the bulbs are connected one after another.
  • BIn a parallel circuit, the bulbs have the same intensity of light.
  • CIn a parallel circuit, the electric current has only one route.


Which of the following figures represents a series circuit?

  • AB
  • BA
  • CNeither A nor B
  • DBoth A and B


How is the electric current distributed among bulbs in a parallel connection?

  • AEqually distributed
  • BUnequally distributed

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