Lesson Worksheet: Using Electricity Safely Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying electrical appliances and describing how to use them safely.


Electricity is very useful, but it can also be dangerous. A hazard is a danger we can avoid by being careful. Which of these is an electrical hazard?

  • AKeeping small children away from electrical appliances
  • BSwitching off an appliance when you are not using it
  • CDrying your hands before using a switch
  • DUsing a toaster in the bath


Does a TV remote use batteries or mains electricity?

Remote control
  • ABatteries
  • BMains electricity


True or False: Devices that use batteries are not dangerous.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Fill in the blank: An electrical appliance is a useful device that uses energy.

  • Asolar
  • Belectrical
  • Cmagnetic


Madison is learning about electrical hazards. A hazard is a danger we can avoid by being careful. What is the hazard in this picture?

  • AShe is trying to plug more than one appliance into one socket.
  • BShe is touching a damaged wire with exposed metal.
  • CShe is using an electrical appliance with wet hands.


How can Amelia avoid danger in this situation?

  • AShe can plug another appliance into the socket.
  • BShe can unplug the electrical appliance with her wet hands.
  • CShe can dry her hands before touching the wire.


A class is sorting electrical appliances into two groups. Which group does the laptop and computer screen belong to?

  • AGroup B: mains electricity
  • BGroup A: batteries


Which of these things is safe to do when using electricity?

  • APutting your finger into a wall socket
  • BPutting a fork into a wall socket
  • CLetting an infant play with electrical appliances
  • DPutting a knife into a toaster
  • ENone of these things is safe to do when using electricity.


Fill in the blanks: shock is the flow of through a person’s body that may damage the skin or other organs.

  • AA magnetic, magnetism
  • BA static, chemicals
  • CAn electric, electricity
  • DA heat, static


Fill in the blank: A useful device that uses electrical energy is known as an .

  • Aelectric shock
  • Belectric power station
  • Celectrical conductor
  • Delectrical appliance
  • Eelectric current

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