Lesson Worksheet: Reducing Our Use of Electricity Science

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining the importance of reducing our use of electricity and identifying ways to do this.


Fill in the blank: Electricity important for daily transportation, such as taking the subway or to school. It is also very important for places like hospitals because a lot of equipment uses electricity.

  • Ais, walking
  • Bis not, riding a bicycle
  • Cis, driving an electric car
  • Dis not, driving an electric car


Fill in the blank: Switching the lights during the day when there is plenty of daylight is a good way to use less electricity.

  • Aon
  • Boff


Seif switched off the heating before leaving his house.

Open living room with couch

What else could he have done to reduce electricity use?

  • ALeft the TV on
  • BOpened the windows
  • CSwitched off the lights


The people living in this house have their electric heating on and they have opened some of the windows.

Bright light modern luxury bedroom

Is this a good way to reduce electricity consumption?

  • AYes
  • BNo

What would be a better way to reduce electricity consumption?

  • AClose the windows and turn down the heating if it is too warm
  • BLeave the heating on and open all of the windows
  • CClose the windows but leave the heating at the same temperature


Madison and James are talking about using electricity. Whose idea is better for the environment?

  • AMadison’s
  • BJames’s


Which of the activities below are among the causes of global warming?

  • AOur use of electricity, cars, trucks, planes, and ships
  • BVolcanic activity
  • CChanges in ocean currents


Fill in the blank: Wind-powered electricity is less harmful to the environment because it .

  • Auses gas to produce electricity
  • Buses nuclear fuels to produce electricity, which do not produce carbon dioxide
  • Cproduces carbon dioxide, which causes global warming
  • Duses coal to produce electricity
  • Edoes not produce carbon dioxide, which causes global warming


In September, Isabella learned in school why it is important for her and her family to reduce their use of electricity. Isabella convinced her family to reduce their use of electricity. The charts below show Isabella’s family’s use of electricity before and after they reduced their electricity consumption.

What is one benefit of reducing their use of electricity?

  • AThey are increasing the levels of pollution in the air.
  • BThey are burning more fossil fuels.
  • CThey are using more kilowatt-hours.
  • DThey are saving money.
  • EThey are causing more carbon dioxide to be released into the air.


Why is it important to reduce our use of electricity?

Who is correct?

  • AAll of them
  • BOnly Charlotte, Jackson, and Ethan
  • COnly Emma
  • DNone of them
  • EOnly Jackson and Ethan


Why do we need electricity?

Who is correct?

  • AChloe, Noah, David, and Isabella
  • BChloe, David, and Isabella
  • CChloe, David, Charlotte, and Isabella
  • DChloe and David
  • EOnly Noah

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