Worksheet: Animal Senses

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the ways in which animals receive different types of information through their senses.


How many senses do most animals (including humans) have?

  • AThree
  • BSix
  • CFour
  • DFive


Fill in the blank: Earthworms’ bodies are covered in receptors that they use to check for chemicals in the soil.

Earthworms-72 ppi
  • Asmell
  • Bhearing
  • Ctaste


Whales, dolphins, and bats are able to use sound vibrations to help locate their food.

What name is given to this specially developed sense of hearing?

Echolocation of bats
  • AEcholocation
  • BEcho making
  • CEcho hunting


Fill in the blank: Dogs have a very highly developed sense of to help them hunt.

  • Asight
  • Bsmell
  • Chearing


Which part of their body do crickets use for hearing?

Crickets-72 ppi
  • AWings
  • BEyes
  • CLegs


Most sharks have very good eyesight.


How does this help them adapt to the environment where they live?

  • ATheir eyesight helps them communicate with other sharks.
  • BTheir eyesight helps them hunt for prey in murky waters.
  • CTheir eyesight helps them hide from predators.


Some animals like rabbits and hares have eyes at the side of their head.

How does this help them survive?

Rabbit-72 ppi
  • ATheir eyes help make them see in the dark.
  • BTheir eyes help them see predators all around them.
  • CTheir eyes help them hunt for prey.


Some animals have highly developed senses to help them survive.

Cats have night to help them hunt their prey.

  • Avision
  • Bhearing
  • Clights
  • Dsmell


Crabs have special hairs on their claws and other parts of their body.

What is the purpose of these hairs?

  • ATo help them keep warm in the water
  • BTo help them swim in the ocean
  • CTo help them detect water currents


How does a skunk ward off predators?

Striped Skunk - 72 ppi
  • ABy screaming very loudly
  • BBy attacking them with its sharp claws
  • CBy giving off a terrible-smelling spray

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