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Lesson Worksheet: What Is Thinking? Philosophy

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining the meaning and importance of thinking.


What distinguishes humans from all other animals?

  • ABreathing
  • BCommunicating
  • CMoving
  • DThinking
  • EGrowing


Fill in the blank: According to Mohammed Iqbal, in order to solve your problems, you do not need guidance from anything other than your .

  • Agut
  • Bemotions
  • Cmind
  • Dparents
  • Eteachers


What is the relationship between experiences and principles?

  • AExperiences are formed by particularizing principles.
  • BPrinciples are formed by excluding experiences.
  • CPrinciples are formed by generalizing experiences.
  • DExperiences are formed by adding principles.
  • EExperiences are formed by denying principles.


Thinking allows an individual to better cope with stress and demanding life challenges.

Which benefit of thinking does the preceding phrase describe?

  • AImproved mental health
  • BCritical thinking
  • CProfessional success
  • DIntellectual independence
  • EScientific and technological progress


Thinking is something people do, and people have needs, feelings, values, desires, and past experiences. What is the relationship between these aspects of their character and their thinking?

  • AThe thinker’s character is affected by their thinking.
  • BThe relationship between thinking and the character of the thinker depends on the thinking and on the thinker’s character.
  • CThinking and the character of the thinker have nothing to do with each other.
  • DThinking is affected by the thinker’s character.
  • EThinking affects and is affected by the thinker’s character.


Fill in the blank: Exposure to stimuli results in thinking when a person the stimulus.

  • Adislikes
  • Blooks at
  • Cwants
  • Dattempts to explain
  • Eignores


What does Descartes’s famous phrase “I think, therefore I am” mean?

  • AMy existence is nothing but thought.
  • BMy existence is an illusion.
  • CI cannot know whether I exist.
  • DAs long as I am thinking, I must exist.
  • EI am, whether or not I think.


Fill in the blank: Often, the purpose of thinking is to improve the situation of the thinking person and reality as a whole. That is because thinking is part of a person’s .

  • Atheoretical outlook
  • Binner life
  • Cway of escaping reality
  • Dpractical activity
  • Ehopes and dreams


What is the most common way for people to express their thoughts?

  • ALanguage
  • BArguments
  • CSocial media
  • DMathematics
  • EExpressionist painting


Fill in the blank: Thinking depends on an individual's present experiences as well as their .

  • Aprior dreams only
  • Bprior knowledge and experiences
  • Cprior experiences only
  • Dprior knowledge, dreams, and experiences
  • Eprior knowledge only

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