Lesson Worksheet: Estimating Differences Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice estimating differences by rounding numbers or by using compatible numbers like 25, 50, and 75.


Abeer wants to estimate 4217.

She decides to round the numbers to the nearest ten.

Pick the calculation she should do to estimate.

  • A5020
  • B4010
  • C5010
  • D4020

Estimate 4217.


Round 27 and 17 to the nearest ten, then find the difference.


Omar has a jar of 86 marbles.

He gives away 17 marbles and estimates how many are left by rounding both numbers to the nearest ten.

Which calculation does Omar use?

  • A9020
  • B9010
  • C8010
  • D8020

What is the estimated number of marbles Omar has left?


Bandar rounds two numbers 72 and 39 to the nearest ten.

What does Bandar round 72 to?

What does Bandar round 39 to?

What is the difference between Bandar’s two rounded numbers?


Who is correct?

  • AGhena
  • BOsama


Estimate the result of 7834 by rounding to the nearest ten.


Estimate 3621 using rounding to the nearest ten.


Maryam wants to estimate the difference between 56 and 41. She says: “If we round both numbers to the nearest 10, the estimated difference is 20”. Is Maryam’s statement true or false?

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


A student wants to estimate the result of 5339 by rounding the numbers to the nearest ten. Which number line represents the correct way to round these numbers?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Use this rounding to estimate the result of 5339.


The teacher asked Hassan and Naser to find the estimated result of 6429 by rounding numbers to the nearest ten. Hassan said, “The estimated result is 30,” but Naser said, “The estimated result is 40.” Who is correct?

  • ANaser
  • BHassan

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