Worksheet: Multiplying Three- and Four-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying two numbers, where one of them is a three- or four-digit number and the other is a one-digit number.


If a merchant bought 747 chocolate bars, which cost 7 pounds each, what was the total price?


The radius of the area in which a rocket may land is two times its current altitude. If a rocket’s altitude is 932 feet, what is the radius of its landing circle?


If one meter of cloth is 1 2 3 p i a s t r e s , how much is 5 meters?


Find the missing digit: 8 2 × 2 = 3 6 4 .


A labourer is paid 5 LE per hour. How much will the labourer earn after working 193 hours?

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