Worksheet: 3 Times Table

In this worksheet, we will practice multiplying by 3 using objects and the multiplication table.


If a camp stool has 3 legs, how many legs are there in 4 camp stools?

  • A15
  • B7
  • C8
  • D12
  • E9


How many wings do 3 birds have?


The desks in a classroom are arranged in 3 lines. If there are 8 desks in each line, how many desks are in the classroom?


If there are 3 pieces of cheese in a box, how many pieces are there in 7 boxes?


What is 3 × 6 ?


Given that a flower has 3 petals, how many petals do 5 flowers have?


Farida knows the answer to 9 × 3 .

Tell her what number to subtract from this to find the answer to 7 × 3 .

What is 7 × 3 ?


Fill in the blank: 3 8 g r o u p s o f e q u a l s .

  • A27
  • B21
  • C11
  • D24


Find the missing number.

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