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Lesson Worksheet: Types of Adaptations Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining and identifying structural and behavioral adaptations in animals.


True or False: Countershading is a camouflage strategy of the bull sharks and is considered a behavioral adaptation.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


A behavioral adaptation of the fennec fox is .

  • Aextra large ears
  • Bliving in burrows
  • Ca tan-colored coat
  • Dwhite skin


What is the scientific term for the type of adaptation that includes activities and behaviors that help an animal survive?

  • ASensory adaptation
  • BStructural adaptation
  • CBehavioral adaptation
  • DSuper sense adaptation


Fennec foxes as a form of structural adaptation.

  • Aare covered with black fur
  • Bare covered with white fur
  • Chave short ears that help them stay warm
  • Dhave long ears that help them lose heat


of birds due to change in temperature is considered a behavioral adaptation.

  • ACamouflage
  • BMigration
  • CExtinction
  • DReproduction

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