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Lesson Worksheet: Parts of the Plants Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the importance of plant parts in the biological processes in plants.


Which part of a plant absorbs water and minerals from the soil?

  • ARoot hair
  • BFlower
  • CStem
  • DLeaf
  • EXylem


Fill in the blank: Transpiration is the process by which plants lose excess water as water vapor through the .

  • Axylem
  • Broot hairs
  • Cstomata
  • Dguard cells


True or False: In plants, a stoma is surrounded by a pair of guard cells.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Hannah uses an eosin solution to demonstrate how materials are transported within a plant.

She submerges the roots of a plant in the eosin solution.

After a few hours, she observes the plant’s leaves and petals.

What color did she observe in the leaves and petals?

  • ARed
  • BBlack
  • CBlue
  • DGreen

Hannah writes a conclusion: “This experiment proves that water and other materials can travel up from the roots of the plant to the top of the plant.”

Is the conclusion supported by the results?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Amelia conducted an experiment testing the importance of leaves for plant growth by taking two identical plants and cutting some of the leaves off of one of them. Which of the two plants do you think will grow faster over time?

  • APlant A (the one with more leaves)
  • BPlant B (the one with less leaves)


A class placed two identical plants in different rooms.

Look at the rooms in the picture. Which plant is likely to grow less over 2 weeks?

  • APlant A
  • BPlant B


  • ABecause it gets less light
  • BBecause it gets more light
  • CBecause it gets less attention from the class


What do you think would happen if a plant was not given enough room for its roots to grow?

  • AIt would share its roots with another plant.
  • BIt would move somewhere with more room.
  • CIt would not get enough nutrients to grow.


This diagram shows the roots of a young plant as it grows into a mature plant.

Look at the diagram carefully, and then complete the following sentences.

As a young plant grows, its roots get .

  • Asmaller
  • Bbigger

A mature plant needs room to grow than a young plant.

  • Aless
  • Bmore


Looking at the diagram, which of these things does the leaf not need to make food for the plant?

  • ACarbon dioxide
  • BOxygen
  • CSunlight
  • DWater


A class wanted to find out if plants need light to grow.

They placed plant A next to the window where it had lots of light.

Plant B was placed in a cupboard where there was no light.

Both plants were given the same amount of water each day.

Which of the questions below best describes what the class is hoping to find out?

  • AWhich plant grows best?
  • BDo plants grow in a cupboard?
  • CDo plants need light to grow?
  • DDo plants need water to grow?

After two weeks, the class observed the growth of each plant.

Plant A grew the tallest and had green leaves.

Plant B grew less than plant A and had yellow leaves.

Choose the best conclusion for their experiment.

  • APlants do not need water to grow.
  • BPlants need light to grow.
  • CPlants do not need light to grow.
  • DPlants grow best in the dark.

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