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Lesson Worksheet: Number Operation in Scientific Notation: Positive Powers Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice performing arithmetic operations with numbers expressed in scientific notation with positive powers of 10.


Express 4×106×10 in scientific notation.

  • A2.4×10
  • B2.4×10
  • C2.4×10
  • D1×10
  • E1×10


How many times larger is 6×10 than 2×10?

  • A0.3 times
  • B0.03 times
  • C300 times
  • D3 times
  • E30 times


Calculate 1.2×10×2.4×10, giving your answer in scientific notation.

  • A2.88×10
  • B3.6×10
  • C2.88×10
  • D28.8×10
  • E2.88×10


Calculate (8.2×10)÷(4.1×10), giving your answer in scientific notation.

  • A20×10
  • B2×10
  • C20×10
  • D2×10
  • E2×10


Given that sunlight travels at a speed of 3×10 m/s, determine how long it takes for sunlight to reach a planet that is 126 million kilometers away from the sun.


How many times smaller is 4×10 than 8×10?

  • A4,000,000 times
  • B200,000 times
  • C2,000,000 times
  • D400,000 times
  • E20,000,000 times


The circumference of Earth is about 4×10 km and the circumference of Jupiter is about 4×10 km. How many times larger is the circumference of Jupiter than the circumference of Earth?

  • A10 times
  • B100 times
  • C1,000 times
  • D0.1 times
  • E0.01 times


The mass of the sun is about 2×10 kg and the mass of Earth is about 6×10 kg. To the nearest whole number, how many times larger is the mass of the sun than the mass of Earth?

  • A3,333,333 times
  • B333,333 times
  • C33,333 times
  • D333 times
  • E3,333 times


How many times larger is 4×10 than 2×10?

  • A0.02 times
  • B20 times
  • C200 times
  • D2 times
  • E0.2 times


The population of Canada is about 4×10 and the population of the United States is about 3×10. How many times larger is the popuation of the United States than the population of Canada?

  • A0.75 times
  • B13.33 times
  • C7.5 times
  • D0.133 times
  • E75 times

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