Worksheet: Thermometry and Thermal Equilibrium

In this worksheet, we will practice defining temperature and measuring it according to different temperature scales.


Express the temperature 3,270โˆ˜F in Kelvin.


The boiling point of a substance is a temperature of 500โˆ˜F. Express this as a Kelvin temperature.


What is 39 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?

Hint: ๐‘‡=95๐‘‡+32FahrenheitCelsius


Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales are convertible using the formula ๐‘‡=95๐‘‡+32FahrenheitCelsius. Celsius and Kelvin temperature scales are convertible using the formula ๐‘‡=๐‘‡+273.15KelvinCelsius.

At what Celsius temperature do the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales have the same numerical value?

At what Kelvin temperature do the Fahrenheit and Kelvin scales have the same numerical value?


The temperature in a room decreases by 40.0 degrees Fahrenheit. How many degrees Celsius does the temperature decrease by? ๐‘‡=95๐‘‡+32FahrenheitCelsius.


Convert the temperature โˆ’167.5โˆ˜F to a Kelvin temperature.


A person takes a reading of the temperature in a freezer using a thermometer and makes two mistakes while doing so. The first mistake is thinking that the sign of the reading is positive when it is in fact negative. The second mistake is thinking that the temperature scale used is Celsius when it is in fact Fahrenheit. The combined result of these two mistakes is that the person reads โˆ’๐‘ฅโˆ˜F as ๐‘ฅโˆ˜C, but it so happens that the Celsius temperature the person thinks that they have read is equal to the correct Fahrenheit temperature shown by the thermometer. What temperature does the thermometer actually read?


Express the temperature 38.0โˆ˜F in Kelvin.


What is the most basic difference between a thermistor and a thermocouple?

  • AA thermocouple requires a current source whereas a thermistor does not.
  • BA thermistor requires a current souce whereas a thermocouple does not.
  • CA thermocouple requires precise voltage measurements.
  • DA thermocouple consists of two thermistors.
  • EA thermistor is smaller than a thermocouple.


What phenomenon does an alcohol-in-glass thermometer exploit to indicate changes in temperature?

  • Athermal expansion of alcohol
  • Bevaporation of alcohol
  • Ctransfer of heat from the alcohol to the glass
  • Dchanges of the density of alcohol
  • Ethermal expansion of glass


What poperty must be the same in each of two systems that are in thermal equilibrium with each other?

  • AEntropy
  • BTemperature
  • CHeat capacity
  • DInternal energy


On a day when the temperature is 70.0โˆ˜F, what is the Kelvin temperature?


What temperature change on the Celsius scale is equivalent to a 50 degrees change on the Kelvin scale?


In 1701, the Danish astronomer Ole Rรธmer proposed a temperature scale with two fixed points, the freezing point of water at 7.5 degrees and the boiling point of water at 60.0 degrees. What is the boiling point on the Rรธmer scale of an oil that boils at a Celsius temperature of 300.0 degrees?

  • A100.0โˆ˜Rรธ
  • B363.0โˆ˜Rรธ
  • C210.0โˆ˜Rรธ
  • D82.50โˆ˜Rรธ
  • E165.0โˆ˜Rรธ

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