Worksheet: The Higgs Boson

In this worksheet, we will practice recalling the basic properties of the Higgs Boson and what decay modes the Higgs Boson has.


What is the relative electric charge of the Higgs boson?


What particle property is the Higgs mechanism thought to give to other particles?

  • AColor charge
  • BElectric charge
  • CSpin
  • DMass
  • EParity


Which of the following is the correct symbol for the Higgs boson?

  • A
  • B
  • C𝐻
  • D𝐻
  • E𝐻


Order the following particles according to their mass from least to greatest:

  • Up quark
  • Charm quark
  • Top quark
  • Higgs boson
  • Electron
  • AElectron, Higgs boson, top quark, up quark, charm quark
  • BElectron, up quark, charm quark, Higgs boson, top quark
  • CTop quark, up quark, charm quark, Higgs boson, electron
  • DHiggs boson, up quark, charm quark, top quark, electron
  • ECharm quark, electron, up quark, Higgs boson, top quark


How many particles in the standard model of particle physics have a mass greater than that of the Higgs boson?


Order the following particles according to their mass from greatest to least:

  • Down quark
  • Strange quark
  • Muon
  • Higgs boson
  • Top quark
  • AHiggs boson, top quark, muon, down quark,strange quark
  • BDown quark, muon, Higgs boson, strange quark, top quark
  • CTop quark, Higgs boson, muon, strange quark, down quark
  • DHiggs boson, down quark, strange quark, muon, top quark
  • EStrange quark, down quark, Higgs boson, top quark, muon


Which of the following particle groups is the Higgs boson part of?

  • ABosons
  • BHadrons
  • CFermions
  • DLeptons
  • EBaryons


Each of the following Feynman diagrams shows how the Higgs Boson can decay, apart from one. Which diagram shows a decay of the Higgs boson that is not possible?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


The Higgs boson has a mass of 125/𝑐GeV. The electron has a mass of 511/𝑐keV. How many times greater is the mass of the Higgs boson than that of the electron? Give your answer to 3 significant figures.

  • A245,000
  • B63,900
  • C0.245
  • D636
  • E318


The diagram shows the decay of the Higgs boson. Which of the following correctly explains why this decay is not possible?

  • AThe Higgs boson cannot interact with quarks.
  • BThe top quark has a greater mass than the Higgs boson; therefore, the rest mass energy of the Higgs boson is not large enough to produce a top quark–antiquark pair.
  • CThe interaction does not conserve electric charge.
  • DThe interaction does not conserve baryon number.

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