Lesson Worksheet: Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice adding and subtracting multiple fractions with the same denominator and writing them in simplest form.


What is 13+13+13?


Find the result of 1415415+115 in its simplest form.

  • A1115
  • B215
  • C35
  • D715
  • E1130


What is 14+14+14+14?


The given table demonstrates how James spends his income each month. How much more does he spend on transportation and food than rent?

Monthly Income915315115215
  • A1315
  • B715
  • C415
  • D23
  • E45


Find the result of 37+5747 in its simplest form.

  • A47
  • B514
  • C67
  • D314
  • E27


Complete the following: 147=.

  • A57
  • B37
  • C47
  • D27


Complete the following: 4737=.

  • A1
  • B17
  • C0
  • D27


What number gives one when 59 is added to it?

  • A49
  • B59
  • C13
  • D23


Which of the following describes the given model?

  • A4828=14
  • B58+38=1
  • C5939=29
  • D59+39=89
  • E5838=14


The table shows the fraction of students that use certain chat abbreviations at Hillside Middle School. What fraction of these students use “l8r” or “lol” while chatting?

  • A1150
  • B1350
  • C3750
  • D325
  • E1225


What is 14+14?

  • A14
  • B2
  • C1
  • D12


What is the difference between 6100 and 4100?

  • A125
  • B350
  • C1100
  • D110
  • E150


How much longer is 47 of a foot than 17 of a foot?

  • A27 ft
  • B37 ft
  • C57 ft
  • D314 ft
  • E114 ft


In a particular year, from January to March, Death Valley received a total of about 2125 of an inch of precipitation. From April to June, it received a total of about 625 of an inch. How much more precipitation occurred in January to March than in April to June?

  • A35 in
  • B1225 in
  • C1325 in
  • D25 in
  • E15 in


What number gives 59 when it is subtracted from 89?

  • A13
  • B49
  • C139
  • D29


Calculate 2717.

  • A314
  • B17
  • C114
  • D37


Find two fractions that have a difference of 19 and denominator that are not 9.

  • A1227, 827
  • B1127, 827
  • C210, 110
  • D218, 118
  • E1229, 1029


In Mr. Daniel’s class, 1724 of the students finished their homework, whereas, in Mr. Jacob’s class, 1324 of the students finished their homework. How many more of the students finished their homework in Mr. Daniel’s class than Mr. Jacob’s?

  • A1748
  • B114
  • C112
  • D1348
  • E16


To prepare her morning drink, Victoria mixed 110 of a cup of carrot juice with 910 of a cup of orange juice. How many more cups of orange juice than carrot juice did Victoria use?

  • A45 c
  • B25 c
  • C920 c
  • D120 c
  • E1 c


At a school, a group of students signed up for different classes. Using the table, determine the fraction of students that signed up for art, music, and wood working and the difference between that fraction and the fraction of students that signed up for philosophy.

ArtMusicPhilosophyWood Working
  • A93100, 725
  • B910, 750
  • C1625, 4350
  • D93100, 4350
  • E1625, 725


A boy scout has a rope that is 7047 inches long. He cuts 927 inches off one end of the rope and cuts 267 inches off the other end. How long is the remaining rope?

  • A5847 in
  • B5937 in
  • C5947 in
  • D5837 in
  • E6037 in

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