Lesson Worksheet: External Structures of Plants Science • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying external structures of plants and describing their functions.


Plant leaves have a waxy coating called a cuticle.

Fill in the blanks: The cuticle the amount of a plant loses through its leaves.

  • Areduces, food
  • Bincreases, food
  • Creduces, water
  • Dincreases, water


Fill in the blanks: It is better for a plant to take in water through the roots rather than the leaves. The responsible for limiting the amount of water that the take in.

  • Acuticle is, roots
  • Bstem is, roots
  • Ccuticle is, leaves
  • Dpetals are, leaves


External structures of plants can be easily seen from the outside.

Are the thorns of this cactus external structures?

green cactus in potting soil
  • AYes
  • BNo


Which external structure on this rose plant stops animals eating it?

  • AThe leaves
  • BThe flower
  • CThe prickles


Three people are talking about the functions of external structures in plants. Who is correct?

  • AOnly Madison
  • BOnly Scarlett
  • COnly Madison and Scarlett
  • DOnly Natalie
  • EAll of them


There are two types of stems that plants can have. These are soft stems and woody stems.

Fill in the blanks: This tree has a stem. This stem can also be called a trunk. It is hard and covered in .

  • Awoody, bark
  • Bsoft, prickles
  • Csoft, bark
  • Dwoody, prickles

Fill in the blanks: These plants have stems. These stems are green and .

Blue flowers, stems and leaves of valuable forage crops
  • Awoody, flexible
  • Bwoody, hard
  • Csoft, hard
  • Dsoft, flexible


Many plants have flowers. These flowers have external structures that help the plant reproduce.

Fill in the blank: The label shows the , which is the male part of the flower that makes pollen.

  • Astamen
  • Bpistil
  • Csepal


What is the function of the sepal?

  • AIt produces pollen.
  • BIt protects the flower as it develops.
  • CIt receives pollen.


Look at the given diagram.

What is the missing label?

  • AStamen
  • BSepal
  • CPistil

Fill in the blank: This is the part of the flower. It receives the pollen from the stamen.

  • Amale
  • Bfemale


Plants with flowers often have very colorful petals.

orange tulips top view

Fill in the blanks: Colorful petals attract to the plant and this helps the plant to .

  • Awater, survive
  • Bpollinators, grow
  • Cpollinators, be protected
  • Dpollinators, reproduce

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