Worksheet: Perimeter of a Rectangle

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the perimeter of a rectangle using the 2 × (length + width) formula.


The length of a rectangle is 5 cm greater than its width. If the width is 52 cm, what is its perimeter?


Find the perimeter of the shaded figure.


Using the formula 2 𝑙 + 2 𝑀 , where 𝑙 represents the length and 𝑀 the width, find the perimeter of the given rectangle if 𝑙 = 5 and 𝑀 = 2 .


Fill in the blanks in the table.

Length of Rectangle Width of Rectangle Length + Width Its Perimeter
β‹― dm 59 dm β‹― dm 1 4 0 Γ— 2 = 2 8 0 d m
  • ALength is 221 dm, sum is 280 dm.
  • BLength is 59 dm, sum is 118 dm.
  • CLength is 59 dm, sum is 140 dm.
  • DLength is 81 dm, sum is 140 dm.


Find the perimeter of a rectangle with length 90 dm and width equal to half its length.


The width of a rectangular piece of land is 1 8 of its length. If the width is 7 m, what is the perimeter?


How many rectangles can be drawn in the given grid, such that the vertices of each rectangle coincide with four of the dots and that each rectangle’s perimeter equals 10 cm?


Which has the longer perimeter, a rectangle with length 13 cm and width 7 cm, or a square with side length 4 cm?

  • Arectangle
  • Bsquare


The given rectangle has a width of 4.7 feet and a perimeter of 𝑃 feet. Which of the following could be used to determine the length of the rectangle?

  • A 𝑃 = 𝑙 + 9 . 4
  • B 𝑃 = 𝑙 + 4 . 7
  • C 𝑃 = 2 𝑙 + 4 . 7
  • D 𝑃 = 2 𝑙 + 9 . 4
  • E 𝑃 = 4 . 7 𝑙


Find the length of a rectangle whose perimeter is 68 cm and width is 11 cm.


The width of a rectangle is 1 4 of its length. The width is 15 mm. Find the perimeter of the rectangle in millimeters.


What is the perimeter of a rectangle in decimeter whose dimensions are 7 m and 90 dm?


Find the perimeter of a rectangular lot that is 27 feet long and 19 feet wide.


Calculate the width of a rectangle whose perimeter is 118 and length is 36.


Suppose rectangle 𝑀 𝑁 𝑂 𝑃 with 𝑀 𝑁 = 1 3 , 𝑁 𝑂 = 8 , 𝐿 on 𝑀 𝑃 , and 𝑍 on 𝑁 𝑂 with 𝑀 𝐿 = 1 and 𝐿 𝑍 perpendicular to 𝑁 𝑂 . Find the perimeter of 𝑃 𝐿 𝑍 𝑂 .


Adel crafted a wooden rectangular frame that is 39 inches long and 21 inches wide. If he charges $1.50 per foot, determine the amount of money he will sell the frame for.


Calculate the perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 8 cm and width is 6 cm.


Calculate the perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 80 cm and width is 70 cm.


Dalia uses a ruler to measure the lengths of a rectangle correct to the nearest 1 8 of an inch. If she measures two of the sides to be 1 0 3 8 in and 5 1 8 in, what are the greatest and least possible perimeters of the rectangle?

  • A 31 in, 30 in
  • B 1 5 5 8 in, 1 5 3 8 in
  • C 3 1 1 2 in, 3 0 1 2 in
  • D 3 1 1 4 in, 3 0 3 4 in
  • E 1 5 3 4 in, 1 5 1 4 in


A rectangular painting which measures 429 cm by 321 cm needs a frame. The material for the frame costs 9 p o u n d s per metre. How much will the frame cost?


Emily wants to put a fence around her 13.3-by-10.1-foot rectangular garden. How many feet of fencing does she need?


A rectangular table is 2 feet wide and 9 feet long. How much ribbon is needed to go around its edge?


Find the perimeter of a rectangle whose width is 2 cm and length is 5 times its width.


If these two squares are joined along one edge to make a rectangle, what is the perimeter of the rectangle?


James jogged in a rectangular track in the park. He jogged for 5 miles north before turning east. If he covered a total of 14 miles, determine the number of miles he jogged east before he turned south.

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