Lesson Worksheet: Dividing Numbers Using Repeated Subtraction Mathematics • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice dividing numbers up to 100 using repeated subtraction to find the number of groups.


A person wants to distribute 30 notebooks equally into 6 bags. How many notebooks should they put in each bag?


Start at 36 and jump back in 6s until you reach 0 to find the answer to 36÷6.


Use Madison’s strategy to find the answers.

Complete: 20÷4=.

Complete: 21÷7=.


We can use number lines to divide.

Jump back 5 each time. How many jumps from 35 to 0 do you make?

Write a subtraction equation to show this.

  • A3555555=0
  • B35555555=0
  • C3555555555=0
  • D355555555=0

What is 35÷5?


David writes the following successive subtraction sentences: 248=16,168=8,88=0.

Which of the following mathematical problems is he trying to solve?

  • A24÷8
  • B8+3
  • C24×3
  • D248
  • E8÷24


By using the given number line and by counting backward, find 40÷5.

  • A20
  • B2
  • C10
  • D8
  • E5


Find 25÷5 using the given number line.

  • A6
  • B5
  • C25
  • D20


James has 10 books. He wants to distribute them among 2 of his friends. Calculate 10÷2 to find how many books each friend will get.

  • A2 books
  • B10 books
  • C6 books
  • D5 books


Emma wants to find the result of 8÷2, so she starts to subtract 2 from 8 and then 2 more, and so on. Write the missing subtraction equation in the following diagram.

  • A422
  • B412
  • C222
  • D420
  • E242


If you have 20 pencils, how many times do you need to subtract 10 to reach 0?


Jackson solved 30÷10 by repeated subtraction as 30101010=0, so 30÷10=3.

Using the same method, find 20÷10.


Hannah is using repeated subtraction to solve 25÷5: 255=20,205=15.

Continue subtracting to find 25÷5.


Ethan has a book of 60 pages. He intends to read 10 pages every day. Find how many days he needs to finish the book, by counting the number of jumps.

  • A10 days
  • B6 days
  • C60 days

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