Lesson Worksheet: Scientific Equipment Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying different laboratory apparatus and discerning how and when they should be used.


What color flame will a Bunsen burner have if the air hole is fully open?

  • APurple flame
  • BBlue flame
  • CRed flame
  • DColorless flame
  • EYellow flame


A student wants to prepare a standard solution of fixed concentration at a fixed volume. Which of the following pieces of equipment should be used to prepare such a solution?

  • ABeaker
  • BBuret
  • CErlenmeyer flask
  • DVolumetric flask
  • EGraduated cylinder


What piece of equipment should a Bunsen burner be placed on when in use?

  • AThick slab of metal
  • BPiece of cardboard
  • CWire mesh
  • DTripod
  • EHeatproof mat


For what separation process would the labware shown in the diagram below be used for?

  • AFiltration
  • BFractional distillation
  • CTitration
  • DCentrifugation
  • ECrystallization


Which of the following is most ideally measured by the item of labware shown in the image below?

  • ATemperature of the air
  • BConcentration of an acid
  • CMass of a solid
  • DVolume of water
  • EVolume of a gas


What would the following laboratory setup be used for?

  • AMeasuring the pH of a solution
  • BMeasuring the temperature of a substance
  • CMeasuring the mass of a substance
  • DMeasuring the volume of a liquid or gas
  • EMeasuring time


What piece of labware is shown in the image below?

  • ABeaker
  • BWatch glass
  • CRound-bottom flask
  • DErlenmeyer flask
  • EVolumetric flask


Which of the following images shows a spatula?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Which of the following images shows a buret?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


What piece of equipment is shown in the image below?

  • ATest tube
  • BFilter paper
  • CFunnel
  • DErlenmeyer flask
  • EStopper

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