Worksheet: Appropriate Data Display

In this worksheet, we will practice how to select appropriate display (bar graphs, circle graphs, box plots, line plots, and so on) for given data.


Which of the following would be most appropriate to display data if we wanted to show how frequently each number occurs?

  • AVenn diagram
  • BPie chart
  • CBox plot
  • DLine plot
  • EScatterplot


A pie chart is best used to display data when you want to do which of the following?

  • ACompare the frequency of data grouped into equal intervals
  • BShow how the data changes over time
  • CSee the correlation in the data
  • DCompare parts of the data to the whole


Students in Mariam's class can speak English, French, Spanish, or a collection of all three. She asks each person to list which of the three languages they speak. She wants to analyze how many people in her class speak one language and how many speak more. Which of the following would be the best choice to display the data that she collects?

  • ABar graph
  • BLine plot
  • CVenn diagram


The following graphs all display data about the pets owned by the students in a class.

Which of these displays should we use if we want to analyze the most common type of pet?

  • AThe bar graph
  • BThe Venn diagram

Which of these displays should we use if we want to compare the number of students who own exactly one pet?

  • AThe Venn diagram
  • BThe bar graph

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