Lesson Worksheet: Percentage Increase and Decrease Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice increasing and decreasing by a percentage.


A 40-meter piece of cloth shrinks by 15%. What is the length of the cloth after shrinking?


In 2000, a seminar’s attendance was about 43,900 people. If the attendance grew 13% from 2000 to 2005, what was the approximate attendance in 2005?


Matthew deposited $6,800 into his bank account, which earned 9% simple interest. How much will he have in his account after 19 years?


Increase 40 by 12.2%.


A USB flash drive that has a regular price of $59 is on sale at a 36% discount. Determine its sale price.


Decrease 45 by 11.7%.


Increase 45 by 12%.


Decrease 450 by 81%.


A mobile app, whose regular price is $11.43, is on sale at a discount of 21%. Find the sale price to the nearest cent.


Sophia ordered a TV set online. The set cost $1,629 in addition to a sales tax of 412%. Determine, to the nearest cent, the total amount she paid.

This lesson includes 8 additional questions and 108 additional question variations for subscribers.

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