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Lesson Worksheet: Sensory Adaptations Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing sensory adaptations in some animals.


What is the scientific term for animals that are less active and sleep more in the day time?

  • AElephants
  • BChameleons
  • CNocturnal animals
  • DPredator animals


Dolphins use echolocation to .

  • Adigest their food
  • Bsense their environment
  • Csmell their prey
  • Dbreathe underwater


Super senses of animals are used for all of the following except .

  • Aidentifying objects
  • Bprocessing information
  • Cfinding food
  • Davoiding danger


Dolphins use that transmits sound waves to help them gather information about their surroundings.

  • Aextraordinary sight
  • Bheat sensing
  • Cextraordinary smell
  • Decholocation


chatter using a combination of sounds to communicate messages about movement.

  • AFireflies
  • BLizards
  • CEgyptian mongooses
  • DSnakes

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