Worksheet: Representing Small Values of Physical Quantities

In this worksheet, we will practice using scientific notation and unit prefixes to multiply and divide values of physical quantities by various powers of ten.


A bullet comes to rest in a time of 5×10 s. What is the time taken for the bullet to come to rest, expressed in decimal form?


Which of the following is equal to one nanowatt when multiplied by one watt?

  • A10
  • B10
  • C10
  • D10
  • E10


A piece of dust has a mass of 0.0065 g. What is the mass of the piece of dust expressed in scientific notation to one decimal place?

  • A6.5×10 g
  • B6.5×10 g
  • C6.5×10 g
  • D6.5×10 g
  • E6.5×10 g

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