Worksheet: Word Problems: The Four Operations

In this worksheet, we will practice solving multistep problems that include multiplying two two-digit numbers.


A girl walks 5 kilometers in 60 minutes at a constant speed. If she continues walking at this speed, how many kilometers will she walk in 120 minutes?


A small town has 640 residents. If 78 of the residents live in houses, and of those residents, only 57 own pets, determine how many of the town’s residents are pet owners.


On a day, a restaurant offered a free drink for 2 out of every 5 customers. If the restaurant received 90 customers that day, how many drinks were given for free?


Jennifer is playing a game where she starts with 50 points and each incorrect move changes her score by the same amount.

She made 7 incorrect moves, and lost 21 points. Which of the following expressions matches this situation?

  • A721
  • B21×7
  • C217
  • D721
  • E217

Evaluate the expression to find a number that represents the change in score after 1 incorrect move.


James wants to estimate the height of an office building with 58 floors.

Which of the following is the best estimate for the height of a ceiling in an office?

  • A4 ft
  • B8 ft
  • C6 ft
  • D15 ft
  • E20 ft

Given there is a gap of about 2 ft between each floor in the building, estimate the total height of the building.

  • A986 ft
  • B580 ft
  • C1,276 ft
  • D348 ft
  • E464 ft


A man went to the market where he bought 9 kilograms of tomatoes for 3 LE per kilo, 6 kilograms of cucumbers for 7 LE per kilo, and 2 kilograms of oranges for 2 LE per kilo. If he had 98 LE before going to the market, how much did he have after leaving?


A primary school has 64 classes with 58 students in each class. Calculate the total number of students. Round your answer to the nearest hundred.


Jennifer is on holiday and wants to send postcards to her 12 friends. Postcards cost 15 cents each and she has 170 cents.

Does she have enough money to buy one for each of her friends?

  • Ayes
  • Bno

How many postcards can she buy?

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