Lesson Worksheet: Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum Science • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice defining and describing the waves of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Which object separates visible light into different colors?

  • AA prism
  • BA telescope
  • CSunglasses
  • DA mirror


A cell tower uses to transmit signals to cell phones.

  • Agamma rays
  • Bmicrowaves
  • Cradio waves
  • DX-rays


Which type of wave is a light wave?

  • AA sound wave
  • BA transverse wave
  • CA longitudinal wave
  • DA seismic wave


Which waves are used in nuclear medicine?

  • ARadio waves
  • BUltraviolet
  • CX-rays
  • DGamma rays


Which waves on the electromagnetic spectrum have the largest wavelength?

  • AGamma rays
  • BVisible light
  • CX-rays
  • DRadio waves


Which waves on the electromagnetic spectrum have the smallest wavelength?

  • AMicrowaves
  • BGamma rays
  • CInfrared waves
  • DUltraviolet waves


Fill in the blank: When a ray of light is taken in by an object, it is .

  • Ascattered
  • Babsorbed
  • Crefracted
  • Dreflected


Fill in the blank: Below are rays of light. A ray is .

Sun rays light
  • Athe size of a wave of light
  • Bthe path in which light travels
  • Ca source of light
  • Dthe color of light

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